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  • Trx leg exercises

    8 Essential TRX Leg Exercises

    TRX suspension trainers are popping up everywhere from small open floor gyms to big box gyms that usually stock larger pieces of equipment. Incorporate these leg exercises into your workouts to add variety and challenge your muscles in new ways.
  • How engage core

    Learn How to Engage Your Core Properly

    You've heard it before. Everyone says "engage your core!" when you're in the midst of any exercise whether it's a plank, squat, or sprint, but what does it really mean to engage your core?
  • Surfing pagliaro

    Surfing Peak Performance Warm-Up

    How do you increase your surf performance with greater endurance, agility, and power without having to hit the gym before the water? It's a very simple answer that most pros...
  • Trx abs unique core

    TRX Ab Exercises to Train Your Core in Unique Ways

    When using a TRX to perform any exercise, the muscles are going to be worked in a different way than if you were to use another piece of equipment. Sometimes the muscles are worked slightly differently, other time the muscles are worked in a significantly different way.
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  • Physio ball ab exercises

    6 Swiss Ball Exercises for Six Pack Abs

    Whether you call it a physio ball, swiss ball, balance ball, or exercise ball these large spherical rubbery balls can be used for a multiple of purposes from desk chair to serious piece of exercise equipment. These six ab exercises will keep your routine fresh and target your abs for results.
  • Afternoon workout meals

    What to Eat Before an Afternoon Workout

    Your workout is the time to leave everything else behind and focus on improving your strength, maintaining an athletic body, and pushing limits. None of this can be accomplished without the necessary fuel. Don't waste your time and energy with a half-hearted workout.
  • Core condition performance

    Core Conditioning is Central to Functional Performance

    Whether you are playing golf, throwing a ball, or cleaning the garage your body needs to work as an integrated unit in order to perform each task. In each you need to effectively transfer energy between your lower body and your upper body as well as from one side of your body to the other.
  • Food cravings

    How to Curb Cravings

    Knowing ways to curb cravings is important because cravings can strike when you least suspect. Even if you've had success following a clean eating or low-carb diet for weight loss, cravings can still sneak up on you.
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