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TRX Curtsy Lunge

Curtsy lunges put more emphasis on the glutes of the lunging leg and the TRX helps with balance.

1. Hold the handles of the TRX facing the point of suspension with elbows bent and hands in a hammer grip position and balance on one foot, bending the knee of the raise leg so that the foot is slightly behind you.
2. Inhale lunging back while twisting the raised leg back and around the lunging leg, in a curtsy. At the bottom of the movement the lunging leg should be bent 90 degrees or the thigh should be parallel to the ground and the knee should not go forward in front of the toes. Keep the shoulders pulled back and the torso mostly upright; pay attention to the lunging knee making sure it is in alignment with the hip and foot.
3. Exhale contracting through the quads and glutes standing back up bringing the raised leg back around.
Common Mistakes: Twisting the hips too much and taking the knee out of alignment with the foot and hip

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